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Vegetable Cutting Machine Maintenance Procedures
Aug 08, 2016

1, and operation Qian will equipment placed in level ground, ensure machine placed smooth reliable; determine equipment plug contact good, no loose, no water track; 2, and check rotating material tube within or conveying with Shang whether has foreign body, as has foreign body must cleanup clean, so as not to caused tool damaged; 3, and operation, and adjustment according to by needed processing of dish class select cutting mode, away from eager tablets machine for melon potato hard dish of slice, vertical knife part can will leaves class soft dish or cut good of tablets processing into different specifications of block, and d, and diamond, various shape; 4, and installation vertical knife First turn the adjustable eccentric, after head to bottom dead center, then head up to 1-2 mm, vertical cutter after contact with conveyor belt, fastening nut fastened in the vertical cutter tool carrier. If the lift height of head small, vegetables have even a knife, if you lift the turret the height is too large, it is possible to cut bad belt;