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The Purchase Of Children's Tableware Should Pay Attention To Brand
Oct 13, 2017

The mother should prepare a set of children's cutlery for the child, starting with the addition of a supplement. The baby has its own children's tableware, not only to cultivate his ability to eat, but also to enhance the baby's appetite for food. There are a wide variety of children's tableware in the market, so what exactly is the best choice for a set of children's tableware?

Considerations for selecting Children's tableware

1. Children tableware Material

When choosing children's tableware, the first thing to consider is children's tableware material. Children's tableware material is safe, the material is lightweight and resistant to fall, Kids Cutlery all need to consider well in advance. The common children's tableware material in the market is plastic, stainless steel, ceramics, imitation porcelain, there are some wood or glass material, considering that children's children's tableware will often be dropped, but also need to be high-temperature disinfection, Kids Cutlery so it is best to choose the material safe, lightweight and can withstand the high temperature of children's tableware.

2. Product function

Children's tableware is different from the daily use of adult tableware, given that children may still be learning the use of children's tableware, the general children's tableware will have auxiliary functions, such as the bottom of the bowl with suction cups, so that the bowl can be adsorbed on the table, Kids Cutlery the baby will not turn the bowl; In this way, mother is good at mastering the temperature of food, not easy to scald children, most of the children's tableware to ensure health and health, but also to withstand high temperature, it can be high-temperature disinfection. Some children's tableware will be designed to be interesting but not practical function, Kids Cutlery there may be the attention of the child to eat away, so in the selection of children's tableware for the baby, the treasure mom should be suitable for children to buy.

3. Children's tableware color

Children's health can be compromised by color-coated tableware. Because the main raw material of the inner drawing of the children's tableware is coloured glaze, and the lead content in the glaze is higher, Kids Cutlery once the children's tableware is packed with acidic food, the lead in the glaze will be dissolved and absorbed by the child together with the food. If children are more interested in brightly colored children's cutlery, choose the bright side of the color, and the inside of the food contact is transparent.

4. Child tableware Shape

Children's tableware is designed for children, many details are designed to facilitate the use of children, for example, children's rice bowls will have handles to facilitate children to hold. Kids Cutlery If the palm of the hand is not very good, the best choice for those with special corner design of the bowl and spoon, so that children can be easier to spoon to food.

In general terms, the use of children's tableware needs to follow the following principles:

1. Children's tableware to pay attention to the brand, to ensure that materials and pigment purity, safe and non-toxic.

2. Children's tableware to reflect the characteristics of the baby, small chic, practical convenience. Design should be humanized, more round, scratch-proof, prevent leakage, keep health, easy to carry.

3. Choose not easy to embrittlement, aging, beating and withstand bump, Kids Cutlery in the process of friction in the grinding of children's tableware.

4. Choose a utensil with no painted pattern on the inside, Kids Cutlery and do not select the painted children's tableware.

5. Try not to use plastic children's tableware to avoid the hot food.

6. Clean children's tableware in a timely and thorough manner so as not to breed bacteria and separate them from the tableware of adult children.