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The Layout Of The Kitchen
Aug 08, 2016

Functional zoning of the kitchen and the kitchen work triangle basis functions can be divided into storage, preparation and cooking three work areas where the storage area is to stockpile food and tableware, including refrigerators and storage of various kinds of utensils Cabinet, for smooth operation and convenient storage area should be as close to the entrance. Preparation area, before a meal is the preparatory work such as washing dishes, cutting vegetables, ingredients, is washing the dishes after a meal, cleaning residues, often supplies kitchen this, easy to extract and place the dishes you want. Main equipment is the sink. Garbage cans, counter and cabinets, modern high also has a water heater, microwave, sterilizer, dishwasher, for the purpose of lighting, washing basins shall be positioned near the window. Cooking zone must be equipped cooker, cooker Cabinet, ventilation and smoke devices and put spice shelves or hangers. People in three areas naturally form a triangle between the aisle line, in order to reach the kitchen easy and smooth, short distance should be between the three routes, do not repeat, while maintaining a reasonable distance, avoiding each other.