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Multi-functional Vegetable Cutting Machine Tool Application
Aug 08, 2016

Vertical knife installation ① vertical knife for stems, and leaves class soft dish of cut, and will away from eager tablets institutions cut good of tablets cut by needed specifications of silk or curve, and block, and d, and diamond, pattern, cut business different pattern of dish need installation corresponding of vertical knife. II products factory Shi, random installation material tube knife a put, other specifications of tool (straight knife, diamond knife, curve knife, square knife), can according to user of need customized. 2. vertical knife cut dish size adjustment ① vertical knife cut dish size can in 1-25mm any adjustment, through adjustment can adjustable eccentric screws, Get by needed of size. II dish of size reduced: turned can adjustable eccentric, makes slot of opening towards Shang, release can adjustable eccentric screws, to eccentric Center direction amount mobile. 3. slice thickness of adjustment ① slice institutions for Yu potatoes, and radish, melon potato hard dish of slice, slice II tablets knife fixed in material tube wall Shang, blade and dial hopper disc has 0.5-1mm clearance. slice thickness can through adjustment activities Board sides screws Get, adjustable good Hou tight solid nut.