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Meal Etiquette --Cutlery Flatware
Jul 14, 2017

general tableware (lunch, dinner are applicable)


1. butter plate and knife

  2. dessert spoon

  3. glass

  4. salad plate

  5. napkin   

  6. main course fork

  7. salad fork  

  8. main plate   

  9. main course knife

  10. soup spoon

  11. cup, saucer, and teaspoon


Family Banquet Tableware Pendulum:

Fork on the left side of the main dish, knife, spoon on the right side. 2. Cutters and spoons are arranged in the order in which they are used. The first to use the farthest away from the main dish outside, after use on the inside from the main dish near the inside. If the owner decided to go to the main dish again on the salad, it is necessary to put the main dish fork on the outside of the salad fork. 3. The salad dish is placed on the left side of the main dish. Americans usually bring the main course and salad together on the table, rather than the French, the main course after eating on the salad. 

(1) the use of knife and fork: eat the right hand when the knife, left hand fork. When using knives and forks, the left hand fixes the food with the fork, while moving the right hand knife to cut the food. Eating in the temporary leave, the knife and fork should be placed in eight characters, as far as possible into the plate, the knife inward; meal end or do not want to eat, knife inward, fork up, knife right fork side by side Or put the knife down and down the side of the ramp on the plate.

(2) the use of napkins. The napkin on the thigh, you can prevent the meal down when the dishes, soup stained his clothes. In the meal during the conversation with people, first with a napkin gently wipe the mouth; ladies before meals, you can use the napkin light wipe mouth, remove the lipstick. In the meal when the need to pick the teeth, should pick up the napkin to block the mouth.

(3) the use of spoons. Used to drink soup, eat dessert, can not directly scoop any other staple food, dishes and drinks. When the spoon is imported, it can not be put into its mouth with its front entrance. The knife is used to cut food, do not directly with the knife and fork from the food into the mouth, do not use the knife and fork at the same time the food into the mouth; knife stained with sauce can not lick; meal knife cut food do not in the plate To draw a voice.

Napkins placed in different locations, different meaning. When the owner spread the napkin, it said the meal began, when the owner of the napkin on the table, said the end of the meal. Halfway to leave, the napkin on my seat surface

Chassis is not directly in the food, its function is the combination of decorations and trays. Chassis is placed in front of the diners, and the waiter places the dishes and dishes on the chassis. Sometimes the waiter takes the bottom of the dish when he leaves the first meal.

The pod is placed on the left side of the chassis, the knife is on the right side of the chassis, the blade is facing the chassis, and the scoop is placed on the right side of the knife. Napkins can be placed on the chassis, but also on the left side of the fork.

The position of the cup is in front of the knife, bread dish and the front or left of the meal fork of the butter knife. Among them, the butter knife cross on the bread dish. According to the principle of this arrangement (which can be summarized as liquid on the right, solid on the left), right front cup and left front bread dish to their own.

Knives and wang on both sides of the chassis placed in a certain order, the rule is: first with the meal willing to place on the outside position, after the tableware on the location. So, eat the snack with the knife and fork in the outermost, (in the United States) to eat salad with the cutlery Second, eat the main dish with the knife and fork the most.

Eat dessert meal sometimes have to wait until later sent. This is because there is another rule for tableware to be placed, that is, the number of dinners in front of the diners can not exceed three (except cups). If there are more meals and any more than one tableware, the waiter will bring the necessary cutlery as needed.

The tableware for dessert is usually a fork and a snack, sometimes just a snack. Sometimes, the sweets used to eat sweets are on the table, but by the waiter and the sweets when they eat sweets. If the tableware for eating sweets has been placed on the table at the beginning, its position is in front of the chassis. In the United States, the handle of the meal spoon toward the right, the handle of the fork on the left; in Europe, the two handles are on the right.

In most cases, coffee and tea all the utensils finally put on. At this time, a coffee cup or a cup is placed on a small dish, and the snack of coffee or tea is also placed on the small dish.

Because the tableware placed in the place is stress, so the process of eating a variety of tableware should be maintained in the original position. For example, after drinking a drink, you should put the glass back in place, but once you have used a fork, a snack or a knife, you can not place these dishes directly on the table.

Some restaurants are not placed on the table at the table, the waiter will be on the food and its dishes directly on the table, the other tableware placed the same position, like the chassis and the same table. So, in this case please do not push the knife and fork to the center position .