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Maintenance Of Kitchen Equipment Attention Points
Aug 08, 2016

Add appropriate restaurant kitchen machinery and equipment, not only can greatly improve productivity, but also for product standardization, digital plays an important role. Accordingly the equipment in good condition can reduce the labor intensity of the chef. (1) equipment ① kitchen equipment should be selected according to different levels and operating circumstances. General restaurants if you purchased equipment too high, too much variety in the number, is not necessary and will not only increase the cost of capital and losses than gains. ② buy kitchen equipment should be based on a kitchen scale, internal areas as well as taking into account specific circumstances. Should the principle of easy to Cook, easy maintenance. ③ Select lower energy consumption and energy saving, small size and power of the kitchen equipment as well. ④ should choose without pollution and high noise, high safety factor and protection of equipment, such as infra-red control system, so as to prevent injury.