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Kitchen Notes
Aug 08, 2016

1. If you cook at home quite frequently, in the decoration construction as far as possible to give up an open kitchen, cooking fumes. 2. followed to the bathroom, kitchen, etc concealed works construction: small treasures, hot water fast, because it is more convenient to use. 3. purchase range hood Chinese household goods than Continental's stronger suction, Continental's pretty useless. 4. the power outlet can fit as much as possible to decorate, or home is full of tow line. In hydropower construction of concealed works of particular attention. 5. If not cook family kitchen design considerations it is best to install air-conditioning. 6, kitchen design considerations with regard to smoking, and I didn't question, as long as someone in the building now Cook, their take off exhaust hood must be open at the same time, or a house full of smoke. 7, basin mixer must be switched with the back, that must be not easy to keep clean with your fingers, hand has had difficulty turning up oil. 8, think inside the trash not practical enough, than on the outside. There are must-do not install the door panels of the trash and garbage cans, opens the door in the summer will be very bad. Trash is on the outside.

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