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Kitchen Equipment: How To Choose The Right Pot
Aug 08, 2016

Good pot, lid and body are carefully polished, ensure tight closing between the two, not even a small crack. Seal of excellence coupled with a heavy top, pot can be accelerated heat convection, let the food quickly heated evenly, retain more moisture and nutrients in the diet. Bottom hierarchy to uniform distribution key in the bottom of the pot. Good pot, its bottom hierarchy to uniform distribution. This strong both thermal and thermal characteristics of rapid and uniform, so cooking fire is easier to control, and retain more nutritional and delicious material with Multilayer Composite alloy structure is a plus. Composite alloy structure of 3, 5, and 7 minutes, more layers, the more, the production process more complex. General composite alloy structure, is a two-storey 18/8 stainless steel holding other types of metal, a high-tech process of forming, the pot is heated evenly and heat fast, not single-point temperature of burning food in the Pan, do not produce smoke.