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Itself Is Not A High-tech Kitchen Equipment Products
Aug 08, 2016

In domestic kitchen equipment industry of competition in the, we had to concern international brand that "Ocean" brand of siege swept to of momentum, Ocean brand of design, and material of procurement cost, and image spread capacity, and customer relationship governance capacity, and and mature of value chain governance capacity and overall cost governance and operation capacity are is domestic manufacturers learning of example and faced of pressure, we both in gap in the found development of direction, while also to in gap in the found survival strategy. But kitchen equipment itself is not hi-tech products, currently domestic high kitchen equipment manufacturers by with of equipment, and process, and material does not than "Ocean" brand poor is far, by lacks of just in products design and style innovation aspects, both Zhijian of price poor big to enough to offset "Ocean" brand in design Shang of superiority; while kitchen equipment is custom products, in market share not high and regional market consumers needs differences big of status Xia, "Ocean" Brand wants to shorten the supply cycle and ease supply cost advantage cannot form in a short time.