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Composition Of The Vegetable Cutting Machine And The Use Of Knowledge
Aug 08, 2016

Cut dish machine as a food mechanical, often will and various of food material, and material phase contact, these material food material in the has acid of, and has alkaline of, these chemical material are will on cut dish machine and fruits and vegetables cleaning machine of main parts caused various degree of corrosion, especially rainy season dark, and wet more easy makes the parts equipment appeared problem, so everyone need do following several points: 1, and long time not using cut dish machine, and fruits and vegetables cleaning when, please placed in dry, and ventilation of place. 2, needs to be cleaned after each use to ensure clean, ensuring, ingredients, materials, residue-free. 3, periodically oil the key components, screws, in view of the specificity of food machinery, oil free high quality olive oil for lubrication. 4, vegetable cutting machine check the key parts on a regular basis, doing maintenance work, even the best mechanical, without careful maintenance, service life is ultimately not in the long run.