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Children's Tableware To Improve The Baby's Interest
Jun 15, 2017

Child utensils - benefits

When the baby at home began to add complementary food, or the baby began to grab the hands of adults in the hands of chopsticks, and clumsy to his mouth to send food to eat when the parents should consider the baby choose a set of special children's tableware.

Prepare a set of baby-friendly children's meals at home to help:

First, improve the baby's interest in dining

Bright colors, exquisite style, cartoon tableware, will directly stimulate the baby's visual organs, Kids Cutlery causing the baby's attention, driven by curiosity, the baby may take the initiative to ask yourself to eat.

Second, cultivate the baby's hands-on ability

Baby 1 year old, we must begin to learn to use tableware. Dedicated children's tableware is conducive to cultivating the hands of the baby's ability to promote the flexible movement of the fingers to exercise hands, eyes, Kids Cutlery mouth coordination, to avoid the baby depends on the bottle.

Third, let the baby develop a good habit

Use the baby tableware set designed for your baby, the baby will take the initiative to clean the tableware and the shape of the object back to the lunch box of desire, which to develop health, Kids Cutlery good practice habits very helpful.

The dish is a children's tableware, refers to the children with special dishes.

Because of age, you need to do some special design for this age group. Such as color, thermal conductivity, chemical substance volatility, grip design, lid design, auxiliary functions. According to the age of different children of different ages but also the design of different dishes. Material is divided into: ceramic children's tableware, wood children's tableware, plastic children's tableware, melamine children's tableware, rice husky children's tableware, stainless steel children's tableware, children's antibacterial tableware. Bowl fork spoon also has the following characteristics: 1, color. Children's tableware color as far as possible the use of brightly colored colors, the Swiss psychologist Pi Yajie said, "Children's thinking is from the beginning of the action, cut off the action and thinking of the link, thinking can not be developed." Is a bright tableware can increase the child The action and stimulate the child's nerves so that children's movements and thinking continue to produce contact so that the brain as soon as possible development. 2, shape. Need to consider the use of children's characteristics and physiological characteristics. Example: children 2-3 years old to learn the use of chopsticks, because the child's brain is not mature, when used as adults flexible, it is necessary to use the auxiliary method to make the child the correct use. In the appearance of the design cartoon shape to cultivate children's eating interest. 3, anti-drop. Children use tableware often fall on the ground. To choose in the 60-80CM drop the ground is not easy to break the tableware. Kids Cutlery To prevent harm to the child. 4, thermal conductivity of the child's skin on the heat sensitivity and heat are relatively poor. Need to prevent the child burns.

Part 2: What is the role of children's tableware?

Reasonable children's special tableware from the baby's applicability and safety were considered, fully embodies the characteristics of children: small and exquisite, not afraid of throwing, Kids Cutlery not brittle, bump can not afford burr, baby can rest assured that use.

1, enhance the baby eating interest: bright and bright colors will directly stimulate the baby's visual organs, plus children's utensils most of the design of refined cartoon shape, the baby's attention is easy to be attracted, and can produce a happy mood. In the baby's natural curiosity and strong control of desire, he may be very active to ask for their own hands feeding, so greatly enhance the baby's interest in eating. The child in a fresh and fast environment to eat, his physical and mental health are very favorable. 2, to develop the baby's hands-on ability: the size of the tableware, length, weight, if the baby's needs, the baby will be easier to "sway" was easy. This is conducive to cultivating the hands of the baby's ability to promote the baby's finger movement, so as to balance the baby's physical coordination, but also improve the brain hemisphere cortex function of the effective means. 3, to develop health habits, observe the rules of the habit: the design of a reasonable box, the child has the initiative to clean the tableware and the size of the object will be ordered to put the lunch box desire. Kids Cutlery It is helpful for the child to develop good habits of hygiene and discipline.