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Children's Tableware To Develop The Baby's Hands-on Ability
Jul 24, 2017

The role of children's utensils

When the baby at home began to add food supplement, or the baby began to grab the hands of adults in the hands of chopsticks, and clumsy to his mouth to send food to eat when the parents should consider considering the baby for a set of special children's tableware. So what is the role of children's tableware? Let's take a look!

1, to improve the baby's dining interest

Bright colors, exquisite style, cartoon children's tableware will stimulate the baby's visual organs, causing the baby's attention, driven by a strong curiosity, Kids Cutlery the baby may take the initiative to ask for their own meals.

2, to develop the baby's hands-on ability

After the baby is one year old, it is necessary to start learning to use children's utensils. Dedicated children's tableware is conducive to cultivating the hands of the baby's ability to promote the flexible movement of the fingers to exercise hands, eyes, mouth coordination, Kids Cutlery to avoid the baby depends on the bottle.

3, let the baby to develop a good habit

Use the baby tableware package designed for the baby, the baby will take the initiative to clean children's tableware and shape the object back to the lunch box of desire, which to develop hygienic, observe the good habits of the rules helpful.

The above is the role of children's utensils, Kids Cutlery and for the healthy growth of the baby, but also to exercise the baby's hands-on ability and self-care ability, treasure father mothers quickly to the baby to pick a lovely baby children's tableware it!

How to choose children's tableware

Mother from the baby feeding food supplement, in the choice and purchase of baby-specific children's utensils. Wandering in the forest total, a wide variety of baby children tableware world, Kids Cutlery the mother how to choose it?

General principles of purchase:

1, children's tableware should pay attention to the brand, to ensure that the material and color pure, safe non-toxic.

2, children's tableware to reflect the characteristics of the baby, small and unique, practical and convenient. Design should be user-friendly, multi-round, scratch; anti-leakage, to maintain health, easy to carry out.

3, the choice is not easy to brittle, aging, beating and can withstand the bump, in the friction process is not easy to play the children's tableware.

4, select the inside no painted pattern of utensils, do not choose painted children's tableware.

5, try not to use plastic children's tableware, to avoid the costumes of hot food.

6, timely and thorough cleaning of children's utensils, so as not to breed bacteria, Kids Cutlery and adult children's tableware placed separately.

Buy strategy:

Brand and safety: the market baby children's tableware brand a lot, such as NUK, good boy, Tupperware and so on. In the purchase of various factors, the safety is the most important mother, and well-known brands after the relevant state departments of the test, more security.

Style and function: Now children's tableware style varied, different shapes, special shape of the spoon, easy to feed the baby into his mouth. Although the style of children's tableware, but still convenient and practical, shape rounded as well. Children's tableware features different, Kids Cutlery there is the base with a sucker bowl, adsorption on the desktop will not move, not easily beaten by the baby; a warm bowl and spoon, easy to master the temperature of the mother, and will not let the baby burn; Qualified children's tableware also high temperature, can be high temperature sterilization, to ensure safety and health.

Material and color: used to make a lot of children's tableware materials, plastic, ceramics, glass, stainless steel, bamboo, melamine, etc., and baby children's tableware production materials are usually plastic, stainless steel, bamboo, melamine.