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Children's Tableware Material Classification
Jun 01, 2017

Children's tableware to the child's diet is very important, we must choose the right job. Here, it is necessary for the first time for the children to choose tableware novice parents and mothers out of the move, Kids Cutlery introduce how to choose children's tableware, come together to see it.

Children's tableware material classification

1, melamine tableware: the most practical but the quality is difficult to protect. Soft texture, smooth, but very light porcelain, not afraid of throwing deformation, insulation performance is also very good and not hot. Imitation porcelain tableware production is more complex, it is easy to adulterate. Kids Cutlery Many companies use toxic urea-formaldehyde powder instead of the normal resin raw materials, because the molding powder is much cheaper.

2, plastic tableware: let the baby more love to eat. Look good, make your baby more interested in eating, and drop. Easy to attach grease, difficult to clean, easy to play after the edge and edges and corners, resulting in unsafe.

3, stainless steel cutlery: suitable for drinking water. Mother most assured: good scrub, not easy to breed bacteria, less chemical elements, suitable for drinking water. Stainless steel tableware easy to hot, heavy metal content will be hazardous to health. Can not be a long time filled with vegetable soup, Kids Cutlery because the soup often contain acidic substances, will be unqualified stainless steel cutlery in the nickel and chromium dissolved out, these heavy metals by the baby to eat the stomach, will affect the brain and heart health.

4, ceramic, glass tableware: environmentally friendly but easy to break. Kids Cutlery Glass and ceramics are the main use of the tableware, more environmentally friendly, perfect process. And ceramics, glass tableware and easy to break, will hurt the baby.

5, bamboo tableware: wooden tableware to buy to buy no paint. Baby tableware selection of wood, then heat insulation, more natural, more delicate texture and soft, not easy to hurt the baby. Kids Cutlery Not easy to clean, easy to breed bacteria. Decorative paint is highly toxic.

6, enamel tableware: gradually disappear good tableware. Good insulation, less harmful substances. Many times after the beat easily deformed, easy to fall off the baby and the baby into the stomach, the production cost is high, Kids Cutlery cumbersome process, so rarely seen.

In addition, the choice of children's tableware should also pay attention to what?

Children's tableware purchase notes

1, to avoid the choice of too beautiful glaze ceramic and crystal products. Especially the number of bottles and drinking cups is the most, the best not made of such materials.

2, tableware to reflect the characteristics of the baby, small and unique, practical and convenient. Design should be user-friendly, multi-round, scratch; anti-leakage, to maintain health, easy to carry out.

3, tableware should pay attention to the brand, Kids Cutlery to ensure that the material and color pure, safe non-toxic

4, choose not easy to brittle, aging, beating and withstand bumps, in the friction process is not easy to play from the side of the tableware.

5, try not to use plastic tableware, to avoid the costumes of hot food.

6, select the inside no painted pattern of the vessel, do not choose the paint tableware.

Choose children for children tableware, do not forget the above Oh