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Children's Tableware Is Popular With Bao Ma
Jul 12, 2017

With the development of science and technology, the affluence of life, more and more mothers devote more energy to the growth of the baby at all stages. Basic necessities, all aspects, all the way to reflect the intentions of mothers. But Xiao Bian found that most of the treasure Mom for "food" focus on the baby's food selection, and suddenly fell with the baby daily tableware. And it is these small tableware, Kids Cutlery for the baby has a great impact. Children's tableware, in the "food" aspect seems to be a small thing, but often reveal the great wisdom of the treasure Mom Ah!

1 Plastic tableware. Early plastic tableware with its excellent price, colorful patterns, rugged durability quickly seize the child tableware market. However, in the course of use, we found that the grease attached to the bowl is difficult to clean. Moreover, the plastic tableware has an unpleasant taste, affecting the baby's appetite. And in the high temperature food, the additives in the plastic will be volatile out, there is a certain toxicity. and plastic on the multicolored color, contain lead, long-term use, the damage to the baby is self-evident. It is recommended that Bao Ma avoid using plastic tableware as far as possible.

2 Stainless steel tableware: Stainless steel tableware to a certain extent, Kids Cutlery can be a derivative of plastic tableware. It overcomes the defects of plastic tableware, makes the tableware easy to clean, and is not easy to breed bacteria. Although the stainless steel meal seems perfect, but we carefully treasure mom and found that it as a conductor, very hot ah. Moreover, if we happen to buy unqualified stainless steel tableware, heavy metal content is not qualified, then it will cause harm to our baby. And it cannot hold acidic substances.

3 Enamel tableware. Enamel tableware with its good insulation properties, including the advantages of less harmful substances in a certain period of time has been widely popular treasure mom welcome, Kids Cutlery but in use we found that it in our baby's many times "play" under, easy to deformation, porcelain easy to fall off, mixed with food, and our baby caused harm, and, enamel tableware production process complex, high cost of manufacturing.

4 Ceramics, glass tableware. Ceramics, glass tableware with a more environmentally friendly, and we are in the food, will not produce harmful substances. However, because of its large weight, the baby hand is not convenient, fragile, slightly careless in the use of the process is easy to cause certain damage to the baby

But we strive for excellence in the Treasure Mother and feel its color too gray. So our corn tableware appeared. And the use of rice waste is different, corn tableware it is made of pure corn, Kids Cutlery it is the perfect inheritance of rice tableware safety and environmental protection non-toxic characteristics, and in the color of the use of the warm yellow, warm color can be in a certain extent the baby's grumpy mood, give the baby a certain sense of security. It can be said that the emergence of corn tableware, greatly overcoming the shortcomings of the above tableware, making children's tableware has a qualitative leap. As a result, the corn tableware has caused a sensation abroad. Xiao Bian through foreign friends learned that in Korea, corn tableware has swept the country, become every treasure mom must tableware. Xiao Bian found that corn tableware in China is more well-known is the small green bud.