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Children's Tableware Has The Anti-fall Sex
Sep 27, 2017

Children's tableware refers to children's tableware designed for children. In order to meet the needs of children of different ages, there are many kinds of children's tableware in the market. In the design of products, according to the characteristics of children at different ages, personalized design, such as color, thermal conductivity, cup-like auxiliary functions. Therefore, children of different ages suitable for the use of tableware is not the same, parents should be the right choice.

Advantages of children's tableware

1. Easy to eat baby

Products designed for children, very suitable for their use, easy to eat.

2. Conducive to brain development

If the baby in the meal use of children's tableware, can play a good role in the exercise of the baby finger flexibility and hand, eyes, mouth coordination ability. Kids Cutlery Long-term use of child tableware can make your baby smarter.

3. Develop the habit of eating

Most of the children's tableware in the market are brightly colored and have a variety of cartoon styles. The use of such products can not only improve the baby's appetite, Kids Cutlery but also to form a child's own eating habits.

Characteristics of children's tableware

1. Color

Children's tableware color is often very bright. Often the use of brightly colored children's tableware, can stimulate the children's brain nerves, so that children's thinking ability to improve, become more intelligent.

2. Modelling

Consistent with the child's use and physiological characteristics. Kids Cutlery Because the child is still small, brain development immature, the ability is not flexible, need to take appropriate measures to help children correct use of children's tableware. For example, parents can choose to shape cute children's tableware to stimulate their children's appetite for food.

3. Anti-Fall

Children are so moving that they may accidentally drop the children's cutlery on the ground. Broken children's tableware is very easy to hurt children, Kids Cutlery the occurrence of cuts and other accidents. Children's tableware has a strong resistance to fall, even if the fall on the ground can be intact.

4. Thermal conductivity

Children's tableware has good thermal conductivity. Baby's skin delicate, sensitive, Kids Cutlery heat resistance is poorer, if use child tableware can avoid scald accident.

How to choose children's tableware

1. It is advisable to choose products that conform to the characteristics of the baby's age. Recommend small cute, easy to use and carry, modelling for the round, not easy to scrape and leakage of products.

2. Choose the brand products, its color purity, material more assured, to ensure safe and non-toxic, can be assured of use.

3. Try to choose the children's tableware with the outside printed pattern, Kids Cutlery to avoid the choice of painted products.

4. Pay attention to the details, to avoid buying fragile, easy to break, up the edge of the product.

5. Timely cleaning of children's tableware, in order to avoid the generation of bacteria, should be as far as possible to store children's children's tableware.

6. The use of plastic children's tableware should be avoided to produce foods with higher temperatures.

Use of tableware for children

1. Child learning with children's tableware early, Kids Cutlery because the baby is still small, hands-on ability is poor, then the parents can prepare the baby spoon handle short, spoon bowl deep spoon, so that the baby can be convenient and stable local food.

2. When choosing a fork for the baby, if the baby is small, you should buy a short fork with a spoon handle. It is important to note that you can not choose too sharp fork, only need to have a certain degree of hardness can be, must not let children tableware hurt children.

3. After the children's tableware is used, the parents should do the cleaning in time to ensure the hygienic of the children's tableware, so as to avoid the child's bacterial infection, Kids Cutlery leading to gastrointestinal diseases. If necessary, it is advisable to disinfect after 2 times of use to avoid "mouth".

4. Children's tableware after use, to develop regular disinfection habits. Children tableware disinfection methods are many, common: high-temperature disinfection, chemical disinfection, as well as special children tableware disinfection cabinets.