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Child Tableware Meets Baby's Needs
Nov 03, 2017

The Dish fork Spoon is the child tableware, refers to the special child tableware for the child.

Because of the age problem, we need to do some special design for this age. such as color, thermal conductivity, chemical volatile, the grip of the design, the design of the cup cover, auxiliary functions. Different age groups are also required to design children's tableware for different ages. Materials are divided into: Ceramic children's tableware, wooden children's tableware, plastic children's tableware, Kids Cutlery melamine children's tableware, rice husk children's tableware, stainless steel children's tableware, children's antibacterial child tableware. The Dish fork Spoon also has the following characteristics:

1, color. Children's tableware color as far as possible using brightly colored color, Swiss psychologist Piaget said "children's thinking is from the action, Kids Cutlery cut off the link between action and thinking, thinking can not be developed." "It is the bright children's cutlery that can increase the child's movement and stimulate the child's nerves to keep the child's movements and thoughts in contact so as to develop the brain as quickly as possible."

2, modelling. Children's use and physiological characteristics need to be considered. Example: When a child learns to use chopsticks at the age of 2-3, because the child's brain is not mature, it is not as flexible as an adult, and the child should use an auxiliary method to make it work correctly. The appearance of the design cartoon to cultivate children's eating interest.

3. Anti-fall resistance. Children's use of children's tableware often falls to the ground. To choose children's tableware that falls easily on the ground in 60-80cm. Prevent harm to children.

4, thermal conductivity. The sensitivity and heat resistance of the child's skin to heat are poor. Kids Cutlery Need to prevent the child burns.

What is the role of children's tableware?

Design reasonable children's special tableware from the baby's applicability and safety of the consideration, fully embodies the characteristics of children: small and small, not afraid of falling, not brittle, bump in the rough edges, etc., the baby can be assured use.

1, enhance the interest of the baby to eat: bright and lively color will directly stimulate the baby's visual organs, coupled with children's tableware design salty exquisite cartoon shape, the baby's attention is easy to attract, and can produce a happy mood. In the baby's innate curiosity and strong desire to control, Kids Cutlery Kids Cutlery he may be very active to ask himself to feed, which greatly enhances the baby's appetite for food. Kids Cutlery The child eats in a fresh and bright environment, which is very beneficial to his physical and mental health.

2, training the baby's hands-on ability: child tableware size, length, weight if the baby needs, the baby will be more easily "sway" it easily. This is conducive to the training of the baby's hands-on ability to promote the flexible fingers of the baby's movement, Kids Cutlery so as to balance the child's limb coordination ability, Kids Cutlery but also to improve the cerebral cortex function of the two effective means.

3, develop the habit of washing and keeping the rules: the design of a reasonable set of boxes, children have the initiative to clean the children's tableware and the shape of the size of the object in order to put back to the meal box of the desire. Kids Cutlery This is helpful for children to develop a good habit of hygiene and discipline.