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A Wide Variety Of Children's Tableware
Oct 24, 2017

When the baby began to add complementary food, or the baby began to rob adults in the hands of the table, and clumsy to their mouths to eat food, mom and dad should consider for the baby to choose a special set of children's tableware. So, what is the role of children's tableware? Let's get to know each other!

1, improve the baby's eating interest

Bright colors, exquisite modelling, cartoon children's tableware will stimulate the baby's visual organs, cause the baby's attention, in a strong curiosity driven, Kids Cutlery the baby may take the initiative to ask their own meals.

2, cultivate the baby's hands-on ability

After the baby is one year old, will begin to learn to use the child tableware. Special children's tableware is conducive to the training of the baby's hands-on ability to promote the flexible fingers exercise, Kids Cutlery to exercise hand, eye, mouth coordination, to avoid baby dependent on the bottle.

3, let the baby develop good habits

With children's tableware designed specifically for the baby, the baby will have the desire to voluntarily clean the children's tableware and put the object back into the box by shape, Kids Cutlery which is helpful to develop a good habit of hygiene and discipline.

The above is about the role of children's tableware, for the healthy growth of the baby, but also for the exercise of the baby's hands-on ability and self-care ability, PO Dad treasure Mom hurriedly to the baby choose a lovely baby tableware!

How to choose children's tableware

Mother from the baby to feed the complementary food began, is considering the choice and purchase of children's special baby tableware. Kids Cutlery Wandering in a wide variety of children's tableware world, mother how to choose?

The general principle of purchase:

1, children's tableware to pay attention to the brand, to ensure that materials and color purity, safe and non-toxic.

2, children's tableware to reflect the characteristics of the baby, small chic, practical convenience. Design should be humanized, more round, scratch-proof, prevent leakage, keep health, easy to carry.

3, the choice is not easy to embrittlement, aging, beating and withstand the bump, Kids Cutlery in the process of friction in the grinding of children's tableware is not easy.

4, select the inside of the container without painting patterns, do not choose to paint the children's tableware.

5, try not to use plastic children's tableware, avoid the hot food.

6, the timely and thorough cleaning of children's tableware, so as to avoid bacteria breeding, Kids Cutlery and with adult children tableware separate placement.

Disinfection of tableware for children

Baby feeding, mothers to use a lot of special small "children's tableware", bottle, pacifier, water Cup, bowl and so on. To ensure the healthy growth of the baby, we must ensure that children's tableware clean and hygienic, children tableware disinfection natural unavoidable. The method of disinfection of tableware in children is basically consistent with that of common child tableware disinfection. Kids Cutlery Common High-temperature disinfection method: Boiling water sterilization (2-5 minutes), steam disinfection (steam cabinet, disinfection 5-10 minutes). Chemical disinfection methods: immersion disinfection with disinfectant, suitable for children with high temperature-resistant tableware (such as glass products), soak for 15-30 minutes;