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Some problems in the establishment and operation of a central kitchen
Aug 08, 2016

Restaurant industry chain development to the central kitchen has become the trend of last year also introduced a Central license audit specification to standardize central kitchen development, establishment and operation of the central kitchen has all sorts of incomprehensible mistakes, based on personal experiences on this issue. Central kitchen is the restaurant chain's needs, restaurant chain is the scale and the need to maximize profits, efficiency in the operation of the central kitchen in central position. Under the trend of increasingly higher labor cost commercial property cost, commercial property maximization, human resources benefits maximize, standardize enterprise management and strict control of material costs, stable product quality, convenience and material delivery is the purpose of setting up a central kitchen. Although the national rules to standardize the development of a central kitchen, but vary in size, different management levels, if you strictly in accordance with the audit rules to establish central kitchen capacity is wasted for many enterprises, investing more than capacity.