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Restaurant kitchen equipment configuration design
Aug 08, 2016

Cooking appliances, major appliances, Cookware and cooking tools and utensils. Different textures of cabinets will also allow users to have a different feel, relatively speaking, wood panels made of stainless steel is more comfortable. Cabinets are also key factors such as height, doors opening and closing directions, everything should be easy to get items such as human design as a starting point. Platform height when working in the kitchen, flexible operating platform height to prevent fatigue and turn around and play a decisive role. When Pike 20 degrees forward for a long time, and have a great load on waist, over and back pain associated to. So, before you purchase or custom cabinets, the best reference to Cook's stature and habit. Should also guarantee the good kitchen ventilation, may wish to use the ventilation system of Ming kitchen design, increased kitchen exhaust ventilation system, to use the more powerful range hood.