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Kitchen equipment classification
Aug 08, 2016

1, and hot kitchen district: gas fried stove, rice Cabinet, soup furnace, pot Tsai stoves, steam Cabinet, electromagnetic furnace, microwave, oven; 2, and storage equipment: its is divided into food storage part, flat shelf, and rice Cabinet, and playing load Taiwan,, artifacts supplies storage part spices Cabinet, and sale table, and various end of Cabinet, and hanging Cabinet, and angle Cabinet, and multifunctional decorative Cabinet,; 3, and washing disinfection equipment: hot and cold water of supply system, and drainage equipment, and wash real basin, and wash Bowl machine, and high temperature disinfection Cabinet,, washing Hou in kitchen operation in the produced of garbage disposal equipment,, and Food waste crushing apparatus and other equipment; 4, conditioning equipment: mainly conditioning table, sorting, cutting, mixing, modulation of tools and utensils; 5, food machinery: the main mixer, mixers, slicers, egg mixer, 6, refrigeration equipment: cold drink machines, ice machines, freezers, cold storage, such as a refrigerator, 7. Transport equipment: lifts. Vegetable ladders, escalator meal;