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Kitchen equipment
Aug 08, 2016

1. the subject is the upper and lower cabinets of the kitchen and clothes closet, Cabinet priced unit is meters, vertical price calculated according to only. Also has custom cabinets, when after you buy a certain brand of Cookware, pays a certain amount of deposit, store or factory designers can come according to the room size kitchen, design drawing and then calculates price, customer satisfaction can be conducted as production. Customers to the store or manufacturer then payment in full. At the appointed time, professionals will come to install it. 2. the annex to the kitchen sink, faucet, oven, smoke-removal machines, dishwashers, garbage bins, spice Cabinet and so on, can buy or design your own purchased on his behalf for wholesale consideration. 3. the kitchen should purchase quality, features, colors and other factors. Products should have a wear-resistant, acid, fire proof, anti-static electricity. Designed to be both beautiful and practical, convenient basic requirements.