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Hotel kitchen kitchen safety
Aug 08, 2016

(1) reasonable equipment kitchen equipment equipped with a more advanced facilities, increase the quality and quantity of products; kitchen design a scientific and reasonable, and reduce operating costs. Equipment selection are reasonable, function, technology needs (2) smooth workflow to achieve collaboration between staff in the kitchen close, employees use tools well and work flows smoothly, you need in the kitchen planning and design to ensure smooth work flow. Productivity depends primarily on restaurant kitchen equipment kitchen use reasonable, rational layout, workflow smoother. To achieve the smooth workflow, you must fully understand, analyze the workflow contains content, rules, equipment and the environment, employees and equipment operation coordination, reduced link, to shorten the distance, simplify the process, in order to make the process smooth and efficient. Smooth workflow saving time, also affect operating costs, food quality, economic benefits, and many other aspects. Therefore, the new decisive role in their restaurant kitchen design and workflow.