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Hotel kitchen fire safety measures of knowledge
Aug 08, 2016

1. increase of fire safety education to the hotel kitchen staff, regular training, develop and formulate fire safety management. 2. fuel gas piping, valves in the kitchen must be checked regularly to prevent leaks. If a gas leak is found first close valves, ventilation in a timely manner, and do not use any open flame and the power switch. 3. kitchen next to the stove's walls, Grill cover easy to pollute should be cleaned every day, oil pipelines to clean should be cleaned every six months at least once. 4. electrical installations in the kitchen should be strictly in accordance with the technical norms of the State, forbidden "replacing aluminum with copper" phenomenon. Kitchen use electrical switches, sockets and other electrical equipment, to close, it is better to prevent infiltration of water outside, and should be installed in a place far away from gas, liquefied petroleum gas stove so that when sparks caused by leakage of Towngas and liquefied petroleum gas-burning, kitchen runs a variety of mechanical equipment shall not be overloaded with electricity, and should always pay attention to prevent electrical equipment and wiring it in damp. 5. using a variety of cooking utensils in the kitchen and should be used by the national quality inspection departments inspected product, avoid freeloaders who choose not qualified appliances. 6. after work, the operator shall promptly close all gas fuel valves, cutting off power supplies, sources of ignition.