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Hotel kitchen equipment purchasing knowledge
Aug 08, 2016

Kitchen equipment selection principles are the following: 1, health principles of kitchen equipment the ability to combat the pollution, in particular, to prevent contaminated food features such as cockroaches, rats, ants, in order to ensure that the entire quality of kitchen equipment. 2, the surface should have the ability to fire from fire protection principles of kitchen equipment, formal kitchen equipment kitchen equipment manufacturers surface materials using non-combustible, fire-retardant material. 3 easy principles of operation in the kitchen to have a reasonable process, on the design of equipment in the kitchen, in the correct arrangement of every part of the process design, ease of use is important in the future. Then counter height, Cabinet positions, directly affects the ease of use, choose in line with ergonomic principles and operating procedures in the kitchen kitchen equipment. 4, beautiful kitchen equipment requires not only the principle of design, color feast for the eyes, but also a persistent, to request pollution prevention, clean performance more easily.