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Factors that influence the hotels kitchen design area
Aug 08, 2016

Along with the food and beverage industry developed rapidly, consumer dining taste gradually, health, environmental protection, nutrition, taste and comfort, quality, taste, culture, environment, and so there is a higher level of requirements. Foreign food and beverage industry into the domestic and Chinese catering industry to operate in changing thinking, innovative business models. Restaurant industry in an increasingly competitive, significant shift in business philosophy has. Out the document, open kitchen, is the innovation of management thought, also reflects the improving commercial kitchen equipment, attention to the hotel kitchen after significant changes in design. Therefore, divide the dining room and kitchen area has given rise to the operator's attention. Business benefits first, in the area of distribution, are generally in accordance with the "first restaurant kitchen after" taking into account the principle of proportion and its area divided the kitchen and kitchen area in accordance with the "one hot dish and two pastries" order of the arrangements. For new or extension of new hotels, consider long-term business development, there should be room for future growth.