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Chinese kitchen design
Aug 08, 2016

1, standard Chinese restaurant areas are divided into: (1) operating area: under the kitchen floor plan and equipment configuration, can be divided into hongan operation areas, cooking area, grilling area, which meet the established cuisines, cooking process requirements. (2) rough areas: its function is to pick the leaves, roots, stems, the fish is opened, initial processing. (3) finishing and distribution area: its function is to snag food reform, deployment suited to the requirements of items. (4) the Pai case: its function is to flour foods mixed mosaic, collage, pressing, technology and so on. (5) cold spell: its function is to heat without food that can be eaten directly, bottle, cutting, mosaic, collage, etc. (6) decontamination area: which will be cleaning and disinfection of tableware and storage. (7) cold storage area: living, perishable cooked foods storage. (8) storage areas: not bad food such as rice and flour storage.

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